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Before signing up for an audition slot, please ensure you have read the entire description on the SignUpGenius.

  • What is a "side"?
    Sides are a small section of the script actors are given before an audition.
  • What song should I prepare?
    You should prepare a 45-75 second section of any song of your choice, regardless of whether it is from the show or not.
  • Do I need music for my song?
    No, all auditions will be "a cappella", meaning they will be sung without any music or instrumental behind them.
  • What is a callback?
    A callback is a second round of audtions.
  • What happens if I don't get a callback?
    If you are invited to join the cast but don’t get a callback, you will just join the cast on the first day of rehearsal
  • What does "ensemble" mean?
    The ensemble is a group of cast members who are assigned a variety of supporting roles in the cast. The director will assign ensemble roles as rehearsals start and they see what is the best role for the ensemble members. Many times the ensemble will have multiple roles.
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