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Since Porch Productions Inc. was founded in 2011, it has been our mission to spread diversity and inclusivity in Charlotte Youth Theatre. By partnering with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, we are able to provide a gateway for students into the theatrical arts, often leading to involvement in our year-round productions. Through collaborations with Blumenthal Performing Arts we provide cast members with opportunities to work with professional theatre artists and crew. This partnership ensures a high level of professionalism and quality in all of our productions.

If you are interested in joining the ever-growing Porch Family, please contact us using the link below. 

“I was overjoyed to see so many students LIVING and LOVING being on stage!”

Kasie P.

Meet the Team

Our team is comprised of a variety of diverse educators, musicians, entrepreneurs, and community engagement activists who are committed to ensuring the advancement of quality youth theatre in Charlotte, NC.

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Founder & CEO

Monice Ife' Chavis

Monica devotes her time to building a team to support the Porch Productions' mission. She continues to advocate for youth while serving in her church, on the Salvation Army Board and supporting students in the school system, she was recently invited to the Education Committee for Blumenthal Performing Arts. 


Creative Director

Karen Majercsik

Karen has been with Porch Productions for 5 years, starting backstage with the Irwin Academic Center Drama Club. Her current roles include Communications Director and Creative Director.



Stanley "Qwa" Dorsey

Qwa has been working with young performers for over a decade, helping grow and mold young people towards the stage and screen. He is proud of how he pulls out the best in all his students and sets a standard for performing arts in the performers he works with. He is grateful and excited for every opportunity he has with Porch Productions.


Production Director

Kenisha Monroe

Kenisha Monroe is a mother of three and a teacher at heart. She strongly believes in the talent of her children and other youth. She loves working with youth of all ages and encouraging them to tap into and strengthen their talents. She is an advocate of the arts.

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